Linux Game Compatibility Checker (deprecated)

Notice: Since releasing the Linux Game Compatibility Checker two years ago, the community behind ProtonDB has been testing games at an incredible pace. Today, ProtonDB is likely more complete than the Linux Game Compatibility Checker. As such, I am deprecating this site and suggest that you should use the ProtonDB site instead. I will keep this site online for a while, but I do not see a use for the Linux Game Compatibility Checker in the future. At some point, the site will probably disappear.

Please enter your Steam ID to check the compatibility of your Steam library.

Note: please manually double-check the compatibility of your games before switching. While we've done our best to make this tool as accurate as possible, you can't hold us responsible for the accuracy of the results on this site.

We cache & store only the games in your library, your nickname and a link to your profile picture.

What is this?

The Linux Game Compatibility Checker is a tool that you can use to quickly check how many of the games in your Steam library work on Linux. To do this, we combine data from many different sources: Steam, the Wine AppDB, the "Games, on Steam for Linux" list by SteamDB, ProtonDB, the DOSBox compatibility list and the DXVK compatibility list.

The tool condenses all this data down to a list of games grouped into 4 categories: games with Linux versions, games that will run on Wine, games that might run with workarounds and games that are incompatible.

Why another compatibility checker?

There exist a few other compatibility checkers, which can also check your Steam library for Linux-compatible games. However all other tools we tried only queried Steam for information. This does not take the games that run on Wine into account, where compatibility is logged in the AppDB.

This compatibility checker tries to combine those two sources - Steam and the AppDB - into one overview. This means you'll get a much more realistic overview of which of your games will (or will not) work on Linux.

Missing/incorrect data?

Sometimes we can't find information about a game in the AppDB. When that happens, we assume the game doesn't run on Linux. If you're running Linux and own one of those games, you could submit your own test results to the Wine AppDB. We periodically update the compatibility information, so your test results will automatically show up on this site.

Global statistics

If an incorrect AppDB entry is linked, you can suggest corrections by clicking on the name of the game, and submitting the correct AppDB URL.